How to start mining Pirate?


    Setup Guide

    To get started, navigate to your dashboard by finding your miners’ IP address using your router or scanner.

    You should see the option to mine with a number of different pools. We’re going to set it up with Luxor’s Mining Pool, the best mining pool — disclaimer: we’re slightly biased 😃.

    Stratum node

    Type in the pool setting as follows:

    URL: (set to your nearest location)
    Worker: [YourLuxorUsername].Workername
    Password: 123

    Monitoring revenue and miner performance on Luxor

    Once you’ve started hashing, grab yourself a beer! It’ll take about 5 minutes for your worker to appear on our stats page. To find your user, login into your account and head to the Workers tab. You should see something like this:


    To make your life easier, we developed the smartest Mining Bot: Lifeguard. He is available 24/7 and always in a good mood to answer all of your questions and track your miners status and performance.

    Happy Hashing!

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